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About Me

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and let me help you find calm and balance

Hi, I'm Sue. I'm a qualified and fully insured Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner working out of my beautiful therapy room in my garden in Saltford. I also hold certificates in meditation, oncology massage and stretch coaching.

I love the transformation that just one hour in my therapy room or classes can bring and my mission is to help as many people find calm as I can.


My Story

Hi. I’m Sue, a holistic therapist based in Saltford, near Bath.


I’ve been a holistic therapist now for just over 4 years and absolutely love being able hold a space for weary souls with tense bodies.


Alternative therapies have been a fascination of mine for many years now - I love the magic and mystery that they hold and the powerful transformations that they can bring. I found Reiki at a time in my own life when I had lost my sense of being - I like to think that it was the right time, right place!


Clients come to me for all sorts of reasons but often discover more about themselves as we work together. I like to see people as a whole - that lower back pain is more than just too many hours at a desk and those tight shoulders are often a sign that a bit more self-care is needed. 


Our world is experiencing a stress and anxiety crisis - we all place huge expectations on ourselves - working hard, raising families, and multi-tasking - but it’s taking its toll. Many hours sat at a desk, in a car, 24-hour access to work emails… we’re constantly on call and with little downtime for our minds. Our sleep is suffering, we’re not eating the right foods and we generally don’t move enough so we’re losing our basic range of motion and flexibility.


As we live longer, the picture is looking bleak with chronic illnesses on the rise and lack of mobility stopping us from living life to the full. We need to prioritise looking after ourselves so we can live our best lives for as long as possible.

I can help you to slow down and recharge. Whether that’s with regular reiki or massage; my relaxation and meditation class Relax & Release or with my new class Stretch & Release which not only finds more freedom and space in your body but uses breathwork to free up your mind, too. A new way of living.

My Therapy Room

“The most relaxing full body massage with the perfect amount of pressure to relieve my achey muscles. I will definitely be booking for another!!!."

Laura B | 13th July 2023

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